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Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding the teaching experience on, and becoming a KaurLearning instructor.

1. How do I register as an instructor at

Signup on the website with your registered email id and validate your identity with on your Profile page by filling ALL required entries.

Instructors must have authenticated and completed instructor profile for admin review and approval.

Send an email to KaurLearning Admin at [email protected] for initial request to become an instructor for approval purposes.

Upon approval by the admin, you shall receive an invite mail with contract details.

Once you have signed up as an instructor, you are eligible with the benefits as mentioned in the invite mail.

Learn how to set up your KaurLearning instructor profile account here.

2. Can I teach a course on any topic?

You are free to choose the topic you wish to teach on Please refer to our restricted topic list, however, for details on the topics that we do not accept.

3. Do I have to pay any fees in order to become an instructor on

There is no fee to become an instructor on Instructors are paid according to a revenue share model.

4. What approval do I need to get started as an instructor?

No approval is needed to get started using the portal. Before an instructor can publish a course on the KaurLearning portal, they must complete the instructor identity authentication process by updating their Instructor profile.

In order to create paid courses, instructors will need to set up a payment method for their account (see “How will I get Paid” below).

5. Are there any requirements that my course must meet?

Yes. Courses must have at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures or learning modules. A typical course is video-based in LMS format in self-learning mode. Instructor can add supplementary teaching tools like reading material, assignments, quizzes, and coding exercises, etc to make a rich learning experience.

6. How do I create a KaurLearning course?

The video resource shows how you can create a KaurLearning course and get started.

7. How do I get my course materials on your site?

KaurLearning is a video-based platform, hence, the instructor will be required to upload the video files directly on Once uploaded, students will be able to view the course lectures on the KaurLearning platform.

8. Do I retain exclusive rights to my course if I sell it on KaurLearning?

Yes. KaurLearning model ensures that when you publish a course on our platform, you retain all the rights to your content. In other words, the instructor is granting us;; a license to host the course and make it available to the users, and to advertise the course on the KaurLearning platform and on third party services.

As a trainer, it is mandatory to be a subscribed user for a period of at least 1 year. You are the owner of your content and while you are a subscribed member, the aforesaid clause stands. However, if you choose to unsubscribe as a trainer/educator, shall withdraw all rights to the content curated by yourself and the same shall be removed digitally from our servers too.

9. What languages can courses be taught in?

English language is preferred for most of the courses. In case of any language based teaching course, supports multilingual support too.

Restricted Topics does not distribute courses in certain topic areas. Topic material may be omitted due to apprehensions that it is considered either detrimental or aggressive to students, or because it is varying with the morals and essence of

We endorse that you reach out to the admin team before structuring a course on any of the following topics to guarantee it will be eligible for publication. Course details shall help sort the problem. Hence, provide as many details as possible. It is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure their course follows the rules and the essence of the Usage and Privacy policy when submitting to the admin for approval.

Sexuality: Sexually explicit content or content with implied sexual activity is not permitted. Content must be free of explicit or suggestive content
Nudity and attire: Nudity is not permitted and Instructor Attire in the Video course should be appropriate to the subject area of instruction, without unnecessary emphasis on exposed body parts.

Dating and relationships: Content on attraction, flirtation, courtship, etc. are not allowed.

Weapons training: Content providing instruction in the making, handling, or usage of firearms is not allowed.

Violence and physical harm: Perilous activities or behaviour likely to influence health or result in injury cannot be shown.

Animal malice: Cruel Treatment of animals such as pets, etc. is not allowed.
Prejudiced language or philosophies: Content nurturing inequitable attitudes on the basis of a group characteristic such as race, religion, nationality, disability, gender identity, sex, or sexual orientation will not be endured.
Illegal or immoral activities: Content must be in agreement with the Indian national law.

Misinformation and misleading content: Teaching which is deliberately ambiguous in opposition to the consensus in scientific, health, or academic societies should not be allowed.

Sensitive or unsuitable topics or language: Admin will examine not only the kind of topic under discussion, but also how those topics are presented and hence, shall take into consideration many sensitivities when evaluating content. Language and images which are provocative, attacking or impervious should be avoided.

Content for young people: is not currently established for provision of underage learners. Persons under the age of 18 may not use the services.

Report abuse

If you see a topic that you believe should not be on the platform, raise it for review by sending an email at [email protected]

Instructor Identity Authentication Process

To maintain the veracity of KaurLearning community, all instructors must authenticate their identity before they can publish a course on

Drop an email to [email protected] with request to join the KaurLearning team as an instructor. You will be contacted by the admin team for next steps.

Instructors are required to validate their identity with Instructors must have authenticated and completed instructor profile before submitting a new course for admin review and approval.

Instructors must go through the Instructor Terms, Terms of Use and Privacy policy frequently before publishing a course. We can add and update the policy at any time.

Instructors may need to provide some personal information, such as social media profiles during the authentication process.

Providing the Bank details for receiving points by dropping the admin an email to [email protected]

Completing the authentication process as instructed by the admin.
Review your information carefully before submitting. After the authentication process has been completed, our team will review your submission and confirm with you, via email, that your account has been verified and that you can submit your course for review. The email that is sent confirming your account has been verified, will be sent to the email address that is registered with your account.

How will I get Paid”

Instructors can use NEFT/Google Pay/ PayTM to receive their payments. As an instructor, follow the following steps

a) Share your banking details with us on [email protected] using your registered email id on

b) Mention “{Instructor email}: Banking details” in the subject line of the email.

c) Confirm Payee Status, once approved.

d) Receive the payment for the course on a monthly basis/ as discussed with admin.

e) Receive the payment for the event once the event is successfully completed.

Revenue Share Model

There is no fee to become a premium instructor, and KaurLearning does not charge any transactional fees when delivering payment to instructors. KaurLearning does, however, keep a percentage of each sale depending on the transaction; namely courses or events.

When a student purchases your Submitted Content, we calculate the gross amount of the sale as the amount actually received by KaurLearning from the student. From this, we subtract any Transaction Taxes, any mobile platform fees applied to mobile provider checkout sales, a 3% service + Rs 3/- for payment gateway service provider and processing fee and Promotional Program fee (a 5% service fee) by KaurLearning to calculate the net amount of the sale.

Your revenue share will be 45% of the Net Amount less any applicable deductions, such as student refunds. If we change this payment rate, we will provide you 10 working days’ notice using prominent means, such as via email.
KaurLearning makes all instructor payments in Indian Rupee (INR) regardless of the currency with which the sale was made. KaurLearning is not responsible for your foreign currency conversion fees, wiring fees, or any other processing fees that you may incur.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any queries you may have regarding a process.